A key to the fifteen incised images surrounding the monument of the Victorian genre painter William Mulready RA (1786-1863), with a detailed description of the monument, full-colour reproductions of all the corresponding paintings and drawings, and biographical note reproduced with the generous permission of The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. The works comprise: The Younger Brother, The Last In, Hay-making: Burchell and Sophia, The Wolf and the Lamb, The Careless Messenger Detected or The Careless Nurse, Dog of Two Minds, The Butt – Shooting a Cherry, Boy Firing a Cannon, The Travelling Druggist, The Sonnet (‘from a popular novel’), Choosing the Wedding Gown, Giving a Bite, Academy study of a seated female nude, The Seven Ages of Man, and Academy study of a seated male nude

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Henry Vivian-Neal, 2008


42pp, soft cover, illustrated

The Monument To William Mulready R.A.

42pp, soft cover, illustrated