A brief history of the cemetery, with biographical notes and a plan of the cemetery marking the resting places and monuments of 99 notable personalities: Aikman, Ainsworth, Allingham, Alma-Tadema (née Epps), Ashbury, Babbage, Balfe, Barry, Beatty, Birkbeck, Blondin (né Gravelet), Bonington, Bridgetower, Brunel, Byron (née Milbanke), Cambridge, Carden, Casement, Cassel, Churchill, Cockburn, Collins, Cooke, Cruikshank, Davidson, Dawajee, Dawes/Feuchères, Dredge, Ducrow, Fairbrother, Forster, Franklin (née Griffin), Fried, Frith, Forster, Gibson, Griffith, Grossmith, Hayes, Hobhouse, Hogarth, Holland, Hood, Hunt, Huth, Inverness, Kendall, Lancaster, Lander, Leech, Leigh, Locke, Long, Loudon, Lucas, Macready, Mayhew, McClure, Mornington, Molyneux, Morison, Mulready, O’Connor, Paul, Pears, Rattigan, Richardson, Ricketts Roberts, Russell, Siemens, Simonau, Smith, Princess Sophia, Soyer, Staunton, Stephen, Strangford, Stuart, Sussex, Tagore, Tenniel, Thackeray, Trollope, Wakley, Wallace, Wilde (Speranza) and Wingfield.

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Signe Hoffos & FOKGC, London, 2008


8pp, A5, 29 colour photographs

Kensal Green Cemetery Concise Guide

8pp, A5, 29 colour photographs